Arkham Knight Makes Me Want A True Spider-Man Game

I’m a sucker for superhero games. Since I was a little kid playing on my Sega Genesis, they’ve always been around. My favorite superhero is hands down Spider-Man and I was in love with the Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 games we got for the PlayStation 2. Playing Arkham Knight has evoked that feeling those games brought me at the time, but why? Let’s take a look a dive into how the Dark Knight makes a connection with the Web Head.


If you’ve played Arkham Knight, you’ll know that there is a gadget that you get that is basically a grappling hook. You use it to evade enemies and navigate throughout the city. This grappling hook can be upgraded to shoot you high into the sky and glide through Gotham at very high speeds.

Doing this, you can chain hooks together, along with glides and dives, to make raoming through Gotham a very fun activity. This fun way of traversing is one of the reasons Arkham Knight has taken so much of my down time and then it hit me as to why this is. When using this means of transport, you feel a lot like Spider-Man.

I have fond memories of going from building to building as Spidey in those PS2 games and this just feels so much like the perfected evolution of that.

I can’t even imagine the amazing experience that we could have on the current generation platforms, if a developer was given the money, time, and artistic freedom to give Spider-Man the treatment that Batman has gotten in the Arkham games.

I know we got a Spider-Man title not too long ago, but that was pretty much trash in many peoples’ eyes and it doesn’t compare in the same universe to the Arkham games.

I can see a beautiful New York open to the gamer as you swing through the city and fight crime. Gotham feels so alive to me and really gives off the same aura that it has in the comics, a city that needs Batman around.

I would love to see what a developer could do when given those¬†aforementioned things, and I pray that we’ll one day see Spider-Man given that great open world treatment as well.

I believe that the combat could be interesting, the story could be great with all of Spidey’s biggest foes showing up, the mode of transport would be a blast (just like in Arkham Knight), and I think the uses of costumes and characters would add a lot to the games visuals.

Yes this is pretty much a pipe dream, but I thought that it was really interesting how a DC game with Batman at the helm could invoke the thought of Marvel’s Spider-Man and swinging around New York City.


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