NX Cannot Be Weaker Than The PS4

The rumor that Nintendo’s next console, NX, may not be as powerful as the PlayStation 4 came out recently and while I don’t like to dive into rumors, it got me thinking. Let’s take a look into why Big N’s newest piece of hardware cannot afford to be weaker than its competition in the PS4 and Xbox One.

By many people’s accounts, the Wii U is an under powered system. With this in mind, what Nintendo has done with that power in a graphical sense is excellent. When you look at games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario kart they are simply gorgeous. The art direction is special and the use of resources is something else.

Just imagine what the folks over at Nintendo could do with the power of a console like the PS4 or the Xbox One, or even with a machine slightly more powerful. Yes it’s not all about graphics, but just thinking about what Nintendo’s art team could do with that power makes me mouth water.

Now I know that price is a huge factor here as well. Miyamoto was quoted saying that the price out of the gate for the Wii U was a hindrance. I think the fact that when you bought a Wii U you also needed some sort of external memory because the only options were 8GB and 32GB. This could cost over another hundred dollars and made the Wii U even more expensive.

I really believe that if Nintendo put out a machine that was as strong as the PS4 and came with 1TB of storage, they could get away with a $399 price tag. Honestly, I know I would be on board with it.

Having a machine that’s powerful is great, but I also hope that the NX is easy to develop for. This makes third party support and option and it’s something that I wish the Wii U had more of.

The reason I never cherished my Wii U was that once I was done with the 1st party titles, I didn’t have anything to fill in the gaps, so I turned to my PS4.

For instance, I could be playing Bloodborne, and then after that, hop on and play some NBA 2K15, or The Witcher 3. To have a machine from Nintendo that could play both those amazing 1st party IP’s that they’re known for AND the great games coming from third party studios would be a dream come true for many gamers out there.

I love Nintendo, but it scares me that they might try and over-innovate. I am curious as to what Nintendo could do with a hybrid handheld, but a big chunk of me just wants a plain black box that’s strong as hell, can play Nintendo’s first party titles, and has a decent amount of storage.

So please Nintendo, don’t make the NX weaker than the PS4 / Xbox One unless you are absolutely sure you have  a true winner on your hands.


8 thoughts on “NX Cannot Be Weaker Than The PS4”

  1. Nintendo has ceded too much ground on their consoles’ power since the Wii. Whether the market can support three on par next gen consoles is the big question.

    1. That’s a good point. I don’t know how the market will react if there are three machines all in the power space. It’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo rolls out, that’s for sure.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      1. You’re welcome. Nice post.

        Nintendo being Nintendo, the NX could be so ridiculously bizarre that it won’t resemble anything called a console today. Guess we will find out next year…

  2. I hope that it’s at least comparable to the competition, but it’s hard to say. You’re right though, to be able to get 90% of the top games on a Nintendo system… Would be like the SNES days all over again. Still even if they go an innovative route, it could be interesting. Their backs are against the wall now, and they need to knock it out of the park.

  3. It would not change anything
    Wii u I’d more powerful than any last g3n console yet it was attacked since before it was even announced as inferior based on nothing.
    It was attacked for having last Gen games too but when ms and Sony did that nobody complained
    Nintendo could announce a 16 core system with 64gb of ram and 4k resolution for every game and haters will still find an excuse not to support it.
    People bring up ps4 like it’s powerful. Lmao it’s an 8 core apu where 4 cores are used for cpu and 4 for gpu. I can buy an apu 10 pc for 289.99. It’s not even mid range in pc terms, but fan boys don’t know tech so they just assume it must be high end cause it carries the Sony name

    1. I don’t think anyone with a brain is saying that the PS4 is high end on the power spectrum. PS4 and Xbox One are both lower mid range in power for when they released. Everyone who isn’t a blinded fanboy knows that.

      The problem with the Wii U is that it was hard to developer for and it wasn’t bought in high numbers, so the third parties just stayed away from it.

  4. Drop the gimmicks, go with X86 architecture for third party ports, put the R&D into making it a powerful console (high end GPU, CPU and lots of RAM) with impressive storage and a revamped online system. They’ll likely spend their bucks on trying to come up with something new and innovative, but the large majority of long time fans just want them to go back to their roots (NES, SNES). Make a comeback Nintendo…

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