Rocket League PS4 Review

Sometimes you stumble upon a  game that just gets it right. You weren’t expecting it to, but the game just plain delivers a fun, exciting experience. This is what Rocket League brings to the table. Ever since I’ve started playing this game, I can’t stop thinking about it and the strategies that go into playing it. Let’s take a look into why Rocket League could be one of the best titles 2015 has to offer.



Rocket Leagues’ art style is very simplistic, but also very beautiful. It’s got this futuristic, shiny sheen to it that just makes things pop. For a title that carries a cartoon-ish feel to it, detail is even put into making the grass on the field blow in the wind.

I also love the use of color in this game. Rocket League uses every color in the book, whether its customizing your vehicle, or causing a huge explosion when you score a goal, the game is just visually fun to look at. You can play on the Orange or Blue team, but your customization options set you apart in both color and accessories (that you unlock from leveling) from the other drivers.

Rocket League isn’t a title that will leave bystanders in awe from it’s graphical prowess, but it is a title that will suck you in with great use of color, awesome music, and an overall beautiful art style.



Games like this just have that something and with Rocket League, it’s hard to exactly put my finger on it. Is it the great use of physics? Is it the “OOOOOOH” moments that occur multiple times a game? Is it the use of angles and teamwork?  Maybe it’s just the general silliness of it all. You’re essentially RC cars playing soccer on a huge field with a giant ball, but it is seriously such a  blast.

It’s hard to say if it’s just one of those things, or a combination of all of them, but this game is special. It’s hard for a video game to capture me so much that when I step away from it, I still think about it, but Rocket League is doing just that.



Rocket League is not a perfect game, but it sure as hell delivers a massive amount of fun. It packs in things like Season mode where you can make a team (logo, color, and all) that add depth and the customization with hats and antenna toppers that’s just silly fun.

My biggest gripe with Rocket League is that as of this review, July 8, the servers are having trouble, so I haven’t been able to connect for online play yet. In online games you can team up with others, or go head to head, and they even give you a ranked option for the best of the best. I’m sure this will be fixed in the future, but as of now, I have to knock the score to reflect just that.

All in all, Rocket League is the most pure fun I’ve had with a game in awhile. While games like Arkham Knight and The Witcher capture a more serious tone with their game play, this game is just plain stupid fun.

If Rocket League continues to be this fun for me, I can see it competing for a spot on my Game of the Year list.


Rocket League gets a 4.5/5


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