Rocket League Is 2015’s Resogun

Resogun was known for a handful of things: free with PlayStation Plus, great art direction, easy to pick up hard to master, game of the year candidate, and very tight controls. There is one title that just recently hit gamers that is easily interchangeable. That game? Rocket League. Let’s take a look as to why that is.


Rocket League just released recently and I have been screaming its praises ever since. Simply put, I love this game. It sparks that something special  in me that few games do. Those smaller budget titles that come up out of nowhere and deliver a great time are one of the things I just love so much about video games.

Just like in Resogun, I have been completely swept off my feet by this game and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I’ve first played it.

Looking back at the similarities I mentioned really makes me appreciate what both developers have brought to the table and also shocks me with how much the two games remind me of each other.

They both invoke that feeling of just pure fun being had. Rocket League and Resogun don’t push stories on you, they don’t try to give you this huge emotional experience, they just give a great game play mechanic and add very tight controls to it.

Although I love games with deep stories and tons of side quests like the games in the Witcher series, titles like Resogun and Rocket League just fill a void that huge AAA games don’t. When I play these games that deliever that pure fun feeling, it tales me back to the early days of when I was younger and gamed. It fills me with that feeling of immense fun.

Not to say these games like The Witcher 3 aren’t fun, but they provide a different kind of experience and pleasure than Rocket League and Resogun do. Hell, I can’t think of many other games that offer that same sort of feeling that these two titles do.

I’m not over-hyping Rocket League when I say it’s in contention from my Game of the Year, just liek I wasn’t lying when I said Resogun had a shot at my Game of the Year. These games create something special that not many games can claim to do.

Rocket League and Resogun also work so well on a multiplayer standpoint. Their mechanics led so well to playing with friends, or in Rocket League’s case even strangers, and in an era where multiplayer is sometimes forced, these games make it seems organic to the experience at hand.

Looking back, I’m taken aback a little when I look at all of the similairites between these two games. Yes they are two very different genres, but they have other ties besides that.

Either way, I am very grateful that games like Resogun and Rocket League can exist in a world along side of titles like Arkham Knight and Bloodborne. I know personally Rocket League is making its case to me that it deserves a spot above them both.


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