Thank You Mr. Iwata

In a relatively young medium, it’s always hard to see a figurehead pass. This was just the case when Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata passed away due to his battle with bile duct cancer. From Gaming Tech United, we thank you Mr. Iwata.


Fun. That was his mission. From interviews, to E3 presentation, and Nintendo Directs, Iwata’s main focus was having fun and providing it to his audience. His love of video games and the community always shined through and the flood of quotes that are coming in from around the internet show just that.

In an industry that tries to take itself too seriously at times, Iwata was an executive that reminded us that our medium is in fact made to have fun with.

Holding bananas, fighting Reggie, and standing in front of that notorious pure white background were all things that the gaming community and myself will never forget.

I’m thankful for all he’s done for the gaming community and even more thankful for all the smiles he’s brought to my face and the faces of many Nintendo fans.

I know I have been critical of Nintendo as of late, but this is something that you never want to see happen. The passing of someone is never something you even want to think of, but when it’s a man who has done so much for a beloved company, it is even worse.

To think that one of the last things he publicly spoke on was when he apologized for Nintendo’s E3 presentation kind of hits me in a negative way. To think that one of the last things he could have thought about was thinking that he didn’t do his job appropriately kind of weighs me down.

It’s amazing to see that even the death of such an inspirational and loved man can bring the always-fighting gaming community to a halt and make them embrace each other and celebrate his legacy.

Many say “you don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone” and I think that is the case here. Many took him for granted in the moment, but now that he is gone we can take a step back and see how amazing this man was.

The goofiness, the love of the medium, the one on one talks during Directs are all gone, but his legacy will live forever through his games, our memories, and our hearts.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I say for old times sake, “Please Understand” and thank you for everything Mr. Iwata.


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