Bandai Namco Has Some Serious Balls

I love Bandai Namco. I love the niche titles that they make. They especially captured my hear this year when they released Dragon Ball Xenoverse.  Then one day I got a press email about a game that was coming months down the line simply titled ‘Godzilla’ and it was hitting the PS4. Well that game came out this month and is one of the biggest disappointments and trolls of 2015. Let’s look in to why Bandai Namco had the balls to pull this off.


Bandai Namco publishes games with quirky, fun combat systems. They’re not too appealing to a huge mass market, but I found the combat in games like Xenoverse and J-Stars to be fun. Yes they’re not perfect, but that gives them a bit of charm and all in all, they become mindless, stupid fun.

This is what turned me onto Godzilla in the first place. I was drooling with anticipation thinking of what could be done to adequately make Godzilla fun to control and fight with, along with all the other kaiju.

Yes the game didn’t look visually great in screenshots, but I thought once it got running on a system locally it would look better and to be honest, in a fighting game I didn’t think I’d be looking at the environment too much anyways.

And then July 14 came around. That’s when my mood turned from mildly excited and intrigued to plain sour.

How in the hell can a company live with a title like this? 60 USD for this hot trash. I’m sorry Bandai Namco, I love your games, but this is just unacceptable. How dare you charge 60 dollars for this game.

If this hit as a 20 USD downloadable title or a 40 USD game that admitted it was a budget title, then I wouldn’t be so damn harsh. In this case though, the criticism is well deserved.

Sixty. Dollars.

In a day where you can go to GameStop and buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at the same price, I don’t see how any exec could justify slapping the full, normal MSRP on it.

This game simple screams BUDGET TITLE. The environments look like late PS2 places and the kaiju models look like PS3 models. This is just a shame to see that people wasted their time making this game, and even worse, that fans of the Godzilla series may stumble into buying this game.

I can’t imagine that this game cost a bunch to create. Like I said the assets just looks so old and nothing about the game is impressive, aside from how impressively disappointed I was in this game. I honestly believe that if this game were to sell at 25 USD and sold 2000 copies, it may have made the money back in terms of development costs.

Bandai Namco, I love your products and the fact that you brought us Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but this is not acceptable. I hate being negative about things in the gaming community, but gamers should not have to deal with a title like this costing 60 USD.


One thought on “Bandai Namco Has Some Serious Balls”

  1. You think what porting his ps3 and vita games exclusive to ps4 because westerns don’t want to buy anything what isn’t in ps4 is free.the port cost money.

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