The Trick To Creating Women In Video Games

That’s a pretty absurd headline isn’t it? A “trick” to creating women?  The sad thing is that if you look at our current state of gaming, it looks like there has to be some sort of trouble with creating a woman in a  video game. So for all of those developers, here’s the big secret for doing just that.


You really want to know the trick? Well it’s pretty simple. Just make a normal human being. Women aren’t some weird alien race, or a species we don’t understand, they’re humans just like us men.

I always say that the key to creating a successful woman in a video game, is to create a believable one. That means she doesn’t have to be over-sexualized, she doesn’t have to always be proving herself as a worthy character, she just has to be herself.

There just seems to be a lack of everyday women in video games and I want to see a change to that. I’m not saying I want every game to star a 30 year old soccer mom, but I want a character who is believable and one that seems organic.

Developers seem to not understand their fans at times. Even when looking at a much younger crowd, I think they would enjoy a more mature, realistic characterization of women in video games. I honestly do not accept the claims that these woman have to be half naked to cater to that audience, because that audience can find that sort of stuff for free on the internet and recent studies are starting to reflect that.

I think that diversity is a huge issue in all of this. As a straight white male, I’ve seen my story told over and over through video games. Our medium has evolved and grown so much that I want to see a game where a homosexual black woman can be the lead in a game. Hell, I’d love to see a story with the lead as someone from the transgender community.

Like I said earlier, the medium of video game story telling has grown and evolved so much over the years, that I want to see what it can really do. There are some amazing minds in the industry and I believe that they could tell us some beautiful stories.

Playing as some buff white dude has its place, but there’s something to said about the amount of fun I had while playing as Ellie from The Last of Us or Ciri from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Diversity is a beautiful things in life as it opens up things that we love to new groups off people. Just think, a game that features a strong black woman as the lead could inspire a young girl to pursue a career in video games and give us a point of view in gaming we’ve never seen.

Now I know someone will say, “LOOK AT THIS WHITE GUY BEING A WHITE KNIGHT.” As sad as that is, it’s simply not true. I love video games and if there is a way to include another group of people in that so that they can feel that same passion that I do, then I’m all for helping them. It’s as simple as that.

So is there really a trick for creating a woman in a video game? Of course not. Just create a bad ass character, who is string and can stand on their own. Women who love this amazing medium called video games deserve it.


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