Suspend / Resume Is Still The PS4’s Best Feature

When the suspend resume feature was first announced as coming to the PS4, I was on the fence. I did not think I’d use it that often and there wasn’t real excitement in me for it. Now, almost three months since the featured was given to us, I stand by the fact that suspend / resume is the best feature that the PlayStation 4 has to offer to its consumer.


Simply put, suspend / resume is the most convenient feature the Playstation 4 has to offer.  It drastically cuts time from jumping in and out of a game and I find myself using it way more than I originally thought I ever would.

Let’s take the game Bloodborne for example. This was a game that at launch, and still to a degree, had very long load times and initial boot up times. They weren’t anything that made you roll your eyes, but they were very noticeable and just a bit longer than most players wanted to wait to play their game.

With the suspend / resume feature, it takes literally a handful of seconds to get from a PlayStation 4 that is in rest mode, back into the action of the game. This has been such a time  saver for me personally, and many other owners of the PS4 as well. It takes games with long load times and makes the initial loading an afterthought.

Again, I bring up the word convenience. It’s just so nice to step away from the PlayStation 4 to go to work, class, or whatever, and just boot the game up in a matter of 10-11 seconds. That’s what I love about these consoles as new features are introduced, we get easier, streamlined ways to do things. Yes it only saves you a few minutes each time, but that adds up and I’m willing to bet the suspend / resume feature has saved me hours since its initial roll out.

I also use this feature for another purpose. When I get tired of listening to the in-game soundtrack from a game like Grand theft Auto V or NBA 2K15, I just suspend the game, open Spotify, and then resume playing. This makes for a way to play games and have your own soundtrack going. Again, this goes back to convenience.

Now I will give a shout out to the Share button and its game play capture feature. I personally use that feature a lot, but that’s only because I capture footage for this publication off of it. When it comes to a feature that I would label the best, I look for something that most of the ownership can use, and that’s the suspend / resume feature.


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