I Will Never Play Journey Again

Going into Journey I had no preconceived notions. Many had told me it was a great title, but with a game that had gotten so much critical praise, I wanted to form my own opinion and experience it in my own way. I never owned a PS3, so I never got a chance to jump into this title, but when it hit the PS4, I was beyond excited.


When I first started Journey up I was a bit apprehensive. I didn’t want others’ thoughts, reviews, and judgments to get in the way of me forming my own review. To combat this, I shut off all the lights, threw on my headphones, and let myself slip into the world that the folks at Thatgamecompany created.

From that moment on I was completely enthralled in a beautiful world, with simple perfection waiting for me around every corner. The art style, the controls, the story, the absence of audible dialogue, everything was perfect.

I look at the clock and 2 hours had passed like it was nothing and my play through was over. I sat back and tried to process what just happened and I felt my head spinning. Journey had hit me like n other game I have ever played. It was emotional and fun in a way that no other game I had played in the past had accomplished.

It was such a pure and genuine experience that felt less like I was playing a video game and more like I was experiencing this world and all it had to offer. Simply put, I was lost in the world for two hours and it felt like 10 minutes. That my friends is the sign of a great title.

That is why I never will play Journey again. I never want to taint that perfect experience. It was so special and so pure that I never want to risk losing that feeling the game brought me.

Video games can be powerful when done right and the folks behind Journey sure as hell understand that. This is nowhere near a knock against them to say I don’t want to be in that world again, it is me saying that it was such a perfect experience, that I never want to taint that initial play through.

Do I condone anyone that wants to go back, or advocates doing so? Of course not! Journey is a perfect game and those wanting to play it again and again are not wrong. I just want to never run the risk of having an experience that is less than perfection with it.

I thank the people at Thatgamecompany for the experience that have brought to the gaming community. It’s something special and if you have the extra change laying around, buy this game now. It’s a time you won’t forget and a purchase you’ll never regret.


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