5 Times Video Games Made Us Cry

Video games have the power to influence the user in a way that movies and books simply do not. The fact that video games are an interactive medium give them a depth that other mediums can’t achieve. That being said, this depth can make us tie our emotions to events, or even characters themselves. Let’s take a look at five different times video games made us tear up like little babies.

Spoilers for: Bioshock Infinite, Halo 4, Journey, The Last of Us, and TWD Season One!


BioShock Infinite

There is a moment in BioShock Infinite that still resonates with me to this day. If you make your way downstairs at a certain saloon, you’ll find a storage area with a guitar. If you pick up the guitar, Booker and Elizabeth will sing a short song.

This song is entitled ‘Will The Circle Be Ubroken’ and gave me chills when I first heard it. Elizabeth’s pure, soft voice gives you an escape from Columbia’s dark underbelly. The voice acting from Courtnee Draper shines through and has brought a tear to the eye of many who discovered the little easter egg.

Halo 4

Towards the end of the game, you are presented with the ultimate sacrifice of Cortana. This was a surprisingly emotional scene for me as it caught me off guard. When you see Cortana and Chief interacting, you can see him mentally struggling with the fact that he knows she won’t make it out alive.

The biggest hit to the heart is when Cortana finally does disappear, you see Master Chief completely devastated and emotional. This is all done with purely body language and the fact that you can’t see his face makes this feat even more impressive.


I first got my hands on Journey not too long ago on the PlayStation 4 and it was the most emotional video game I’ve played in a  long time. Everything about the world sucked you in and as you progressed, you lost yourself in the world.

What hit the hardest was during your ascent up the snowy mountain, as you and your partner battle for your lives. You see  your character slow in pace as every step becomes harder and harder. Being lost in this world puts you in your character’s shoes so that once you and your partner drop to your knees, you sit back in shock, with tears welling up.

The Last of Us

The PS3 classic opens up with one hell of a gut punch, the death of Joel’s daughter Sarah. She is gunned down in Joel’s arm by a member of an army during the epidemic’s outbreak. For someone who avoided TLoU spoilers until it hit the PlayStation 4, this was one hell of an emotional moment for me.

What really sold the scene was the beautiful voice acting of Troy Baker. You could hear the emotion and loss in his voice and it really made you empathize for Joel. This man just lost his daughter to someone who was supposed to be protecting him and now he’s alone in the world.

This sort of thing sticks with him throughout the game and even influences his interactions with Ellie.

The Walking Dead Season One (Telltale)

I didn’t expect this game to hit me like it did. I was a huge fan of the show at the time and I heard this game had a great story, so I jumped into it. Throughout the game I grew more and more connected to Clementine and Lee.

This connection was my downfall as when Lee finally dies, I was in tears by the credits hitting. The exchange between the two is so emotional and seeing Clementine crying over her father-figure has so tough to handle. That mixed in with the beautiful song that played during the credits made The Walking Dead Season One a game that I still hold dear to my heart.


So there was five moments that hit us right in the feels. This was NOT a top five, or the best five, these moments were simply scenes that stuck with me. Feel free to add your on in the comments!


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