Stop Romanticizing SEGA

I was a SEGA kid. I didn’t own a Super Nintendo , or a NES, I proudly played on the Sega Genesis. It’s fair to say that the Genesis was the origin for my love of gaming and one of the big factors in shaping my future as someone who is so deep int he rabbit hole. With that said though, it’s time we take a realistic look at the company behind the most famous hedgehog in the world, SEGA.


I owe a lot to the Sega Genesis. It sparked my love for video games and ever since, I’ve only gotten more and more into them. I have many fond memories of playing Sonic & Knuckles and X-Men 2: Clone Wars.

That love I and others had translated into commercial success as well for SEGA, as the Genesis went on to sell 40 million units. Simply put, the Genesis was a huge success.

SEGA during the Genesis era was the “cool” brand. It felt like a hip, anti-establishment brand and many of my friends also felt the same way. I’ll never forget seeing the “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” ads, or just marveling at how much more I liked the attitude Sonic brought to the table over his rival, Mario.

Looking at the love I had with SEGA back then compared to now is a sad thing. It’s fair to say that they are a shell of the company they used to be, but yet I still hear people say they want a console from them.

To those people, I simply remind them that the Genesis was an exception to the rule, and not the rule itself. The Genesis was the only console they’ve ever created that was commercially successful.

Let’s take a look at some of their consoles’ sales:

  • Genesis – 40 million
  • Master System – 14.5 million
  • Game Gear – 11 million
  • Dreamcast – 10.6 million
  • Sega Saturn – 9.5
  • Sega Pico – 3.4 million

The numbers don’t lie. The only commercially successful piece of hardware has EVER produced is the Genesis. Yes, I understand that the Dreamcast was ahead of its time, but a part of being a successful company is judging the market and making a piece of hardware that will succeed in it. You can argue that numbers don’t matter, but that is a losing horse in my book.

My point is NOT to bash SEGA, it’s to simply try and open peoples’ eyes to the fact that they are not this company with the Midas touch, where everything they touched succeeded. In fact, all of their hardware, barring the Genesis, have been failures.

Creating a new console costs a lot of time and money, two things I don’t think SEGA has. DO you really trust a console that would come from the people who made Sonic Boom?

Like I stated earlier, I love what SEGA has brought to my gaming life in the past, but the Genesis was the exception to the rule. They captured lighting in a bottle in that era and it worked for them. It’s a shame that there’s no more lighting and the company seems to have ran out of bottles.


5 thoughts on “Stop Romanticizing SEGA”

  1. I was a Sega kid also and while I see you point and completely agree that they shouldn’t release another console, let me explain why. Sega’s strength was always their arcade division. Those were their exclusives and that’s how they got people to buy their consoles.

    If you wanted Virtua Fighter, Daytona, Space Harrier, Hang-On, Last Bronx, or any other top of the line arcade game you had to buy a Sega console. even outside of Sega’s arcade games if you wanted the best ports of the hot games like Mortal Kombat with blood, Marvel vs Capcom with your tag partner swappable (PS1 couldn’t swap characters on the fly) Darkstalkers series with all the animation frames you had to get a Sega console.

    With the arcades all but dead in the U.S. (they are still going strong here in Japan) Sega doesn’t have the pull of arcade to home exclusive bragging rights. Maybe if console tech never exceeded arcade tech it would be a different story and we would all be excited to see what they have in store for us. Sadly this will never happen and I feel is the reason we will never see another Sega console.

  2. the fact that those consoles didnt sell well doesnt mean they werent good. advertising powers are just that and dont mean anything. in my country for example sega always outsold the competitors since the master system up until the ps2.

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