We Predicted The Attack On Titan Game In 2014

It’s not everyday that something you’ve been hoping for is eventually announced in the gaming community and it’s not everyday that you predict that same thing a year in advance. Well that’s the case with Koei Tecmo’s newly announced Attack on Titan game coming in 2016. Are we some sort of a godsend, or a bunch of future predicting wizards? Let’s dive in a take a look.

Back on July 17, 2014 the folks here at Gaming Tech United published an article entitled, “Gravity Rush Makes Me Want An Attack On Titan Game Even More.” This article and video combination talked about how an Attack on titan video game could learn from Gravity Rush’s movement system and how they feel similar.

In both the video and article we only mention ONE developer. That developer of course is Koei Tecmo, who at the time was called Tecmo Koei. Here’s our quote from the videdo:

“Let’s just say Tecmo Koei…we could could get a really, really fun Attack on Titan video game.”

And then in the article itself, we say this:

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see a developer like Tecmo Koei take the reigns and produce one for Sony’s handheld or even the PlayStation 4.”

Well just recently the folks over at Koei Tecmo did unveil an Attack on Titan game that is coming to PlayStation platforms in 2016. That has to make us some sort of time traveling wizard, right? Hitting the platforms AND developer in one swoop has to classify us as some sort of god-like video game Robin Hood.

In all seriousness though, we’re very excited of this game and will totally be doing a review on it. I’m still worried about the movement though, as I don’t see much middle ground in terms of it being on point. I really think Koei Tecmo is either going to completely hit the 3D Maneuvering Devices out of the park, or it’ll fall flat on its face.

I think it’s interesting that the game is coming to all three of the PlayStation platforms. I would like if they did a deal where you get the Vita version of the game if you purchase the PlayStation 4 version. Part of me wants this to me be an “on the go” game, but I can’t resist wanting to blow this game up on my big screen and plop down in a comfy chair to play it.

I also hope that in the future, if the game is good, it will make its way to the rest of the gaming community.

If anyone can do this, I still hold firm in my belief that Koei Tecmo is the right team. They specialize in these niche Japanese-styled games and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they’re going to bring to the table.


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