Don’t Be So Negative About Scalebound’s Protagonist

If there’s one thing that can irk people about a video game, it is a young, cocky protagonist who spits one liners and the developers try to make “hip”. With that being said, we look to the game Scalebound, a title from Platinum Games that is coming to the Xbox One. At Gamescom 2015 we got a look into the game and from what I saw of Drew, the game’s protagonist, I am pretty excited to see what he’ll bring to the table.


I’m sick of seeing negativity every time we get one of these characters though. Whether it be Delsin from inFAMOUS Second Son, or Dante from DMC, there is always a bit of push back from some of the gaming community on the subject. There’s just something about the younger, cockier protagonist that rubs certain people the wrong way. Personally, I am 100% for it and advocate for more of it.

My question is a simple one. Why?

The cookie cutter, hulking muscular guy, or middle aged white guy is just so boring to me. Why don’t you want to see some variety in our medium? Yes I’d like to see people of color, or women in the leading roles, but we’re getting that in games coming to our consoles soon.

Games like Gears of War and Uncharted boast middle-aged white men in great shape, but I’m glad we’re getting games that break that mold a bit and try something new. I didn’t like the complaints about Dante and Delsin, and the complaints about Drew just sound like more of the same.

Now I’m not saying the whole internet is angry about this, that would be absurd, but there have been some backlash for Drew’s voice and attitude.  By searching things like “Scalebound Drew” and “Scalebound main character”, you can see there is an decent amount of people that this doesn’t sit right with.

Here they are:




14 13













Needless to say, these people don’t seem too happy about Drew. Personally, I don’t think that he seems too bad. Like I mentioned before, I like the witty, snarky character types like Delsin from inFAMOUS Second Son and Drew from Scalebound. They’re a change of pace and I find them somewhat relatable. I think I would be a little bit cocky and arrogant if I had their abilities, if I’m being honest.

I won’t make a final judgement call on Drew right now. Yes Scalebound looks a bit rough, but it is in pre-alpha so I expect it to. I’ll make all of my judgement once the game is out on store shelves.

What are your thoughts on Drew? Let us know in the comments!


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