Top 5 PlayStation 4 Hidden Features

The PlayStation 4 is a console that I’ve really enjoyed since its launch. The games have been great, I’ve had awesome memories playing it, and the console itself is something in itself. Focusing in on that last part, we take a look at a few of the unknown features the PlayStation 4 holds and rank them from five to one. Do you know of the secrets that Sony’s home console holds? Let’s dive in and take a look.


5 – Garbage Disposal

Needless to say, who thought the PlayStation 4 could do this? For this feature, you place your PS4 in the kitchen (that’s a must) on top of a grocery bag. You’ll need to step away so your PS4 can do it’s thing, but when you return,  it will have cleaned up your kitchen and gathered up some trash for you.

When we ran this feature all the PS4 picked up in terms of garbage was the Wii U’s sales numbers, but who knows what it will find in your house or apartment.

4 – Toaster

You wake up, get out of bed, head into the kitchen, and go for the cereal because it’s the most convenient option. With the PlayStation 4, your breakfast world is about to be turned upside down.

When you hold the PS4’s power button for 5 seconds (when it’s on a perfectly level surface mind you) and place bread on it, it will then create toast for you in five to ten minutes. That means the PlayStation is not just a great gaming console, but a great addition to your morning routine. Journey, eggs, and some toast in morning, can it get any better?

3 – DualShock 4 Color Change

This feature is less about the console itself and more about the PlayStation 4’s controller, the DualShock 4. If you set the controller down, click the analog sticks three times, and wave your hand over it, the controller will actually start to change color.

Don’t like the fact that GameStop has the rights to the new magma red controller in the States? Use this trick and you may just have  controller that can make itself red. Ours turned from blue to yellow, so there’s no telling what the other colors will be.

2 – Cat

This one is completely out of left field. If you you’re feeling lonely and need a buddy in life, buy a cat tree and set it in your house. Once your PlayStation 4 is on the highest level of the cat tree, something simply magical will happen, your PS4 will shape shift into a real live cat.

This is a huge feature that Sony seemed to gloss over at the launch event and at the past few E3’s, so I’m glad we found out about it so we could inform our loyal viewers.

1 – Psychiatric Evaluation

When weeks of gaming has you angrier than ever, when you can’t get that camper in CoD off your mind, or you’re just sad because you bought Godzilla at full price, the PlayStation 4 can help you out.

Place the PS4 in a nice recliner, along with some paper and pen. The pen must be wedged in the crevice of the console for this to work though, that is a must. Lay down on a couch and vent to the console and after a few minutes you’ll feel better and the PS4 will have written up an evaluation on you.

When we conducted this feature it told us that we did have enough Platinum Trophies and that we were too fat, but we hope its evaluation on you is a bit more successful.


So there they are, our top 5 hidden features for the PS4. Did you know about them? Will they be useful to you? Let us know in the comments and on YouTube!


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