Batman: Arkham Knight – 1989 Batmobile Pack Review

I grew up with two guys that I looked at as Batman. The animated series voice, Kevin Conroy, and the lead actor from the 1989 film, Michael Keaton. With this in mind, I was very excited about the prospect of getting the ’89 Batman costume, Batmobile, and AR challenges. Does this DLC deliver or does it dangle the Batman fans over a rooftop yelling “I’m Batman”?


Sadly, the second one is true. This DLC is just plain hollow. Although it is inspired by it, this content simply has none of the charm that the 1989 film captured. That dark, slightly off feeling that Burton and Keaton created, is all but gone from Rocksteady’s offering.

I’ll concede one thing to this DLC, it’s damn fun roaming the streets of Gotham as Michael Keaton’s Batman and seeing him make his way through hordes of thugs brought a smile to my face, but that’s where the enjoyment stopped for me.

It’s cool that you can drive the Batmobile around, but since it doesn’t have a tank mode, it just feels so lacking and not all that much fun. Again, it’s cool to be able to control a beautiful, on-screen version of the iconic Batmobile, but it just feels so uninspired.

That’s really the keyword here: uninspired. That’s what this DLC really embodies. Yes  the AR Batmobile challenges sound like a good idea, but they just seem so hollow and like window dressing.

Like I mentioned earlier, the tracks just don’t capture that charm. They feel like less of a part of that universe and more like someone watched the films and did their best to make a few tracks with the same aesthetic. This results in AR Challenges that fall flat on their faces and don’t evoke any real nostalgia.

I hate being so negative about this, because I love the Arkham Knight base game. I’ve beat it on normal and new game plus, while completing the side missions, outside of the Riddler trophies, to 100%. Thus far, the DLC has just felt, well, uninspired and the 1989 Batmobile Pack is no exception.

1989 Batmobile Pack gets a 3/10


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