Batman: Arkham Knight – Season of Infamy Review

I was one of the few people who loved everything the Arkham Knight base game threw at me. The gliding through Gotham, the villains, and yes, even the tank battles in the Batmobile. With that being said, I am also one of the many people who have been let down with the offerings that Rocksteady have given us in terms of story DLC. Will Season of Infamy break the mold, or be thrown in the GCPD with the other stale DLC? Let’s take a look.

When looking at Season of Infamy, it’s easy to say it’s my favorite piece of DLC that Arkham Knight has gotten. Although that’s not saying much, I did have a really good time with it. There are a few low points, but the fun moments outweigh the bad exponentially. Unlike the other DLC, outside of Batgirl’s, we get more than just a simple corridor fighter with one stealth part. There’s a nice mix of fighting, puzzle solving, and stealth, and they all combine to create a very enjoyable experience.

My favorite part overall would have to be the latter half of the Mad Hatter’s mission. It’s so stylized and the fact that it jumps from game to game put a smile on my face for the first time through the DLC. There are even a few emotional parts in the Season of Infamy as well. Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc both provide you with moments that make you step back and realize that maybe they aren’t all that bad. Freeze’s missions even had a genuinely touching moment that made me well up a bit.

All in all, this is the sort of DLC that I wanted from Rocksteady. This felt like actual heart was put into it. You see a fun cast of villains, it’s not a 15-20 minute chunk of gameplay, and it just feels like Rocksteady put a real effort into this. Season of Infamy is easily the best DLC Rocksteady has created for Arkham Knight.

Season of Infamy gets a 7.5/10


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