A Simple Fix For Avoiding A Permaban In Overwatch

Hacking a game can be done for a number of reasons. Some do it to change things they don’t like about the game, whereas many do it to cheat, or gain a competitive advantage against the competition. Some developers will ban cheaters for a days or a few weeks, but Blizzard has decided to ban those cheating Overwatch permanently. How does one avoid a permaban? The answer is pretty simple.

Whether it be aim-bots, or experience boosters, there are a few ways that a hacker can cheat in Overwatch; all of which are getting them the ominus permaban. The fix to this dreaded problem? Simply don’t cheat.

The internet’s message boards have been buzzing with anger over this topic. Many say that when they buy a game, they should be able to use it how they see fit, while others simply say the ban is just too long for the crime. Personally, I believe if Blizzard has a way that they want their game to be play (in this case without people cheating), then those who break the rules should embrace the consequences at the end of the road.

Reports say that even after hackers had changed their IP addresses, bought new copies of Overwatch, and tinkered with other settings in their rigs, that Blizzard still found a way of finding and banning them. Again, I reiterate a simple phrase, just don’t cheat.

Overwatch is an outstandingly fun game and in no way needs to me hacked to have a good time. This is not some 2/10 broken, trash pile of game that cannot be played without changing. Overwatch gives players avenues to play many different styles and still have a great time doing so. Adding an aim-bot, or an XP boost simply isn’t needed.

In my eyes, if you need to make the game harder for others by cheating with an aim-bot, you do deserve a permaban. I also believe that the experience system is fine as well and doesn’t need any changing through boosts. The fact that it stops scaling early on means that leveling is something a player can easily do a few times a day.

As time passes, Overwatch will continue to evolve and grow as a product. Will the hackers continue to try and find ways to avoid the dreaded permaban? Yes. Will Blizzard continue to swing the hammer as long as these people are around? You can bet your ass they will.


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