Do We Really Need Skyrim And Dead Rising Remasters/Remakes?

Ever since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit the market, remastered versions of games have been a part of their libraries. Some developers put a lot of heart and soul into these upgrades, while other games show the hand of publishers and higher-ups pushing forcing the developers to get a product to the market. According to leaks and rumors, two “remastered” games that we will be getting are new versions of Skyrim and the original Dead Rising. The question is will these games be the former or the later? Do we even need these remasters in the first place?

Let’s break these games down one by one. I’ll be upfront with you guys, I am enormous fan of Skyrim. My room back in my hometown has multiple Skyrim posters, collectibles, and statues. With that being said, I don’t know that it’s time to release a remastered version of Bethesda’s marquee 2011 title. Yes, with the addition of Fallout 4 mods on the Xbox One we could see them added to this remastered version of Skyrim, but I don’t know if that’s enough to really make this game worthwhile to go back to. Like I said earlier, the game released in 2011 and will only be 5 years old when November rolls around. With this brief absence, has it been away long enough to make fans want more?

As someone who primarily plays on consoles and loves Skyrim, I just do not think it’s time to release this game yet. Plus, if you take a look over on the PC side of things, it’s hard to argue that this game adds anything to those who already own it on Steam. The only way that I can understand this game being a viable title is if its release is needed to help fund the next Elder Scrolls game. In that case, I could see the need for the game.

When we move onto Dead Rising 4, I see a polar opposite instance. According to the rumors and leaks, this is a game that will take the original Dead Rising and add some multiplayer, graphical enchantments, and all of the fun stuff that comes with a remaster.

The original Dead Rising was released in August of 2006. This means that in just a few months, the game will be 10 years old and will be ready for the remaster/reimagining treatment. Even though I will not be playing the game, since I don’t own an Xbox One or PC strong enough to run it, I am on board with this game being made, as long as it is done right.

I see this as an opportunity to give the Dead Rising franchise a bit of the Ratchet & Clank treatment that was seen on the PlayStation 4. If that care and attention to detail is paid to this Dead Rising game, while adding things like multiplayer, Dead Rising 4 could really be a special game.


One thought on “Do We Really Need Skyrim And Dead Rising Remasters/Remakes?”

  1. I played skyrim way to much. Played well over 100 hours and got every single a achievement. Retired the game to never play again. I wouldn’t pick up the remaster since I played it on pc with all the upgraded graphics patches, I feel like I already played it remastered. However if they were able to get the entire skyrim onto something like ps vita as a portable game I would probably spend another 100 hours on it. Too bad the vita was recently discontinued with no word of a follow up. It really sucks that Sony flopped the vita so bad leaving it with never enough decent games to be worth buying and effectively killing the world of non nintendo handhelds. They blame it on phones and tablets but us real gamers all know tablet and phone games suck. We want physical controls and we want real games not simple ones. If Sony were to release a new handheld with the power of last gen’s ps3 with at least a 720p screen and have ports of skyrim and gta v as launch titles they would sell like hot cakes. I’m not sure how possible it would be but I l’d like to fantasize that since ps3 is so old they could take its exact processor and specs and shrink them down into a handheld, and just run ps3 games without any need for porting. Then they would have a giant back catalogue of titles and developers will already know exactly how to build games for it.

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