EA Should Stop Doing E3 Live Conferences

For the gaming community, E3 is a great time of the year. New games are announced, games that we are waiting for are showed off, and leaks tell us things before the companies have a chance to on stage. One of the major companies that gives an E3 live presentation is EA and to say it nicely, their presentation this year was plain garbage. Simply put, after this year’s conference EA should withdraw from doing E3 presentations in the future.

Let’s start with the positives. Titanfall 2’s addition of single player is a great thing. I think it will expand the longevity that players keep the game and the mention of a deep unlock system for multiplayer is something that the Titanfall series needed desperately.

I also believe that the addition of a career / story mode in FIFA will be something that helps the series sell a bunch of extra copies. As someone who doesn’t really like following soccer, I am very intrigued by the addition. I’m a huge proponent of the NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode and if this is anything like that, I’ll be singing its praises upon its release.

Outside of these two things, there wasn’t huge in terms of content or things to get excited about. A small clip of the new Mass Effect was shown, but the clip was so small that many believe the game isn’t as far along in development as they hoped it would be. We were also given the infamous EA developer diaries when it came to the Star Wars franchises. Again, we saw very small slivers that hardly amounted to anything and it left many fans feeling a bit let down.

This is why I think EA should withdraw from the live press conference scene. With the introduction of their event EA Play, they should focus on that and its involvement in the community than on this stage show. They are one of the biggest publishers in the world, with some of the biggest franchises in their portfolio, they don’t really need the publicity that comes from the E3 stage shows.

Again, their focus should be totally shifted to the EA Play event. There they can get the community involved, let people play their games, and still release trailers through their own YouTube channels. It would cut down on the fan disappointment and really help EA in terms of public opinion. Twitter, Twitch, and other social media sites were filled with angry, sadness, confusion, and disappointment after EA’s live show an that’s something that EA cannot have happen after a big public appearance.

For the past two years EA has walked away with very weak conferences. It’s time for them to cut their loses, focus on EA Play, and continue to make games that their fans enjoy.


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