Do “Real Gamers” Care About VR?

It all started a few weeks ago when I was at one of my two local GameStops. I had been there looking to pick up DOOM and the Ratchet & Clank remake for the PS4 and my experience up until then was great. I was checking the different toys they had, chatting with the employees about games they were playing, and browsing the PlayStation 4 games that they had in stock. Eventually, when I got the counter, the conversation got to virtual reality and PSVR. That’s when the manager got a disgusted look on his face and said to me, “real gamers don’t care about VR.”

This statement took me by surprise and I was frankly offended that someone who had been so friendly up until then would say something of that nature, let alone it being one of the managers. I looked at him and said with a bit of an attitude, “Excuse me? Why is that? A ‘real gamer’ won’t enjoy VR?” To this he responded, “Well yeah. Any real gamer won’t enjoy it. It’s not enjoyable and a real gamer doesn’t need something like VR to enjoy video games.”

Not wanting to argue in a public store, I simply shook my head, took my newly purchased games, and left. Needless to say I was not going to that store in the future.

This phrase stuck with me though, “Real gamers don’t care about VR.” This is a mindset that many gamers have and it has always stuck in my craw. Just because someone does not enjoy something, does not mean that others will not, especially in a case when it has been proven that many PC gamers are already loving their time with VR.

So do “real gamers” care about VR? Hell yes they do because “real gamers” don’t exist. People who enjoy video games can enjoy them any way they want. I know people that play video games every day that love VR and I know people who play just as much that don’t enjoy it. I also know people who don’t play video games that often, but think VR gaming is a very intriguing idea and vice versa. None of those opinions are wrong, but they are all perfectly valid.

There seems to be this classism in video games that has gotten completely toxic and needs to be eradicated. Yes, there are different amounts that people play video games and are invested in them, but being at the top of that mountain does not mean that your opinion is the right one, especially when it is discrediting those who disagree with you.

I understand this could come off a bit like I’m overreacting, but this piece is not a direct reaction to the event that happened at GameStop, it’s a reaction to the unneeded, toxic classism in video games that floods the internet and minds of gamers around the globe.


4 thoughts on “Do “Real Gamers” Care About VR?”

  1. I’m all for VR, it’s looking great! Especially PSVR. But all the guy did was share an opinion. And now you are offended and won’t return to that store? C’mon, man. Act like an adult, not a butt-hurt middle school kid. He shared HIS opinion, not an “opinion” that he was told to have by a higher-up. That’s pretty commendable in a retail setting. He wasn’t blowing smoke, he was stating his thoughts. And what does this mean:

    “So do “real gamers” care about VR? Hell yes they do because “real gamers” don’t exist.”

    Real gamers care about VR because they don’t exist?

    I do agree with the toxic, classist statement though. That does need to come to an end. Anybody using the phrase PC Master Race needs a good punch in the face.

    1. It wasn’t really the opinion I was mad about, it was the way he went about expressing it. By his body language and face that he made while consistently telling me that I was wrong, you’d have thought that I told him I’m excited to jump off a bridge to my own death. Haha. Again, I’m fine with him stating his opinion, but going on about it like it is the only correct option and mine was objectively wrong, was a bit unprofessional in my opinion.

      And the “real gamers don’t exist” bit is trying to say that there isn’t a thing as a REAL gamer. If you enjoy playing video games in any capacity, you’re a gamer. It doesn’t make your opinion any more or less valid than the next guy, especially when it comes to things that you’re excited for.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, brother. I’m glad you took the time to eloquently speak your mind, instead of calling me a fat loser who should kill himself, like many have in the past. Hope to see you around in the future!

  2. I agree with the abstraction you’re advocating against, which is classism in videogames. Fanboyism, needless hostility online, and even complex issues like gamergate need to be discussed if we want our medium to thrive.

    With that said, I think anyone speaking for “all gamers” is likely exhibiting generalizations based on ignorance, or perhaps being slightly short sighted.

    VR is a worthwhile hardware potential, and it can be just as important to us “real gamers”. Keep the hopefulness alive, homie!


  3. Acceptance among gamers is definitely something we as a community need to address, – from benign topics like “casual vs hardcore” (cough nonsense in my opinion) to more serious issues like sexism and the gamergate movement. And sweeping generalization/stereotype is going to exclude a great deal of people in that group, and I agree with e-vaughn that it is a very ignorant and short-sighted way of looking at people.

    Personally, I think VR technology has a fantastic amount of potential for not only games and movies, but could also have uses within hospitals and other care facilities with people who can’t go outside, etc. So… maybe a lot of people should care about VR!

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