Skyrim Special Edition’s Price Tag Is A Joke

I’m a huge fan of Skyrim. It’s easily one of my favorite games of the past generation. The music was perfection personified, the missions were fun, and getting lost in the world was a daily occurrence for me. I spent 500 hours with the game on the Xbox 360, so needless to say, I really enjoyed the time I was playing Bethesda’s RPG. When I heard the news that a remaster coming the Xbox One and PS4 I was a bit skeptical, but I was waiting to see what exactly Bethesda would be giving the consumer. When the details were revealed and the price was unveiled at 60 USD, I, like many others, could only laugh.

Like I said, I love Skyrim. I have posters, statues, and even used to collect all sorts of merchandise before I had to size down my collection. With that being said, know that when I say this I say it with love; the price tag on the Skyrim remaster is an absolute joke. Bethesda asking full retail for a game that only got a graphical clean up and “mod support” should be shamed by the gaming public.

Let’s speak to the graphical fidelity of the remaster. Yes, it does look better than it did on the PS3 and 360, but not remarkably or by any stretch that will make you say “wow”. Yes, new lighting effects been and depth of field visual enhancements have been added, but these still don’t make the game look like a normal AAA PS4 or Xbox One game. The game still shows its age and when compared to what even a decent PC version of the game can do, pales in comparison.

Now let’s move onto the mod scene. Bethesda is pushing mods for consoles very hard through their newest game, Fallout 4. That has been nothing but rocky, but it has made its way onto the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 owners on the other hand, are still left without mods, due to many problems that have arisen in development. When the biggest console market shareholder version of your most recent game still does not have mods, is it a good selling point to use them to market your game? What happens if this game launches and Bethesda hasn’t ironed out the problems with mods for the PS4? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

I would not have a problem if this game embraced what it was and shipped at a budget price of $40 to maybe even $50. Yes, I understand that there’s mods, graphical updates, and all of the DLC, but that just doesn’t seem like enough to justify a full retail asking price for a game that released almost 5 years ago and many in the gaming community played.

Do I think the remastered version will sell well? Yes, I do. Hell, even I got reminiscent of my old adventures as I watched that E3 trailer, but my excitement stopped when I saw the price tag. I’m not calling for a boycott or for people to riot against Bethesda, but I do offer the advice to save your money and invest in brand new gaming experiences. This release could have been one to cheer of, now it just feels like the gaming community is collectively shrugging their shoulders.


One thought on “Skyrim Special Edition’s Price Tag Is A Joke”

  1. $60 is not “full retail price”. The original Skyrim and all of its DLCS totaled about $100 when they were originally released. Skyrim Special Edition plays on new consoles, with all the dlcs, updated graphics, added effects, added landscape features, and mods for $60.

    It is in fact being sold at a $40 discount from “full retail price”.

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