No Man’s Sky And Respecting Players’ Time

“The game gets good X hours in.” It’s a common argument that is thrown around in the video game community quite frequently. The variable itself fluctuates game to game, but many fans use this defense to counter negative feelings toward a game. An infamous mainstay of this argument is 2010’s Final Fantasy XIII and the claim that after 20-30 hours the game gets better. Through the years we have had other examples, but the latest game that seems to use this defense, albeit to a lesser degree than FFXIII, is Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky.
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The Huge Problem With Overwatch Summer Games Loot Boxes

Earlier this month, Blizzard unveiled the Summer Games 2016 seasonal event. With it came new skins, sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and a Rocket-League inspired game mode called Lucioball. The new content comes through Summer Games loot boxes and at face value it all seemed pretty cool. The skins were country-specific themed, the victory poses were silly, and the new game mode was a great new addition. The excitement came to halt for many, including myself, when we dug just a bit deeper and saw the rules that applied to the Summer Games.
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WWE 2K17’s Lack Of Nakamura In The Base Game Is Questionable

I am a fanatic of the WWE 2K series. The presentation is beautiful, the wrestler models are (usually) spot on, and the creative features are a fun time sink. Since its launch last year, WWE 2K16 has been one of, if not my most, played title for my PlayStation 4. Simply put, I loved this past year’s installment. With that being said, I waited in gleeful anticipation as I knew my favorite wrestler, NXT’s Shinsuke Nakamura, would be in the following year’s game.
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Skyrim Special Edition’s Price Tag Is A Joke

I’m a huge fan of Skyrim. It’s easily one of my favorite games of the past generation. The music was perfection personified, the missions were fun, and getting lost in the world was a daily occurrence for me. I spent 500 hours with the game on the Xbox 360, so needless to say, I really enjoyed the time I was playing Bethesda’s RPG. When I heard the news that a remaster coming the Xbox One and PS4 I was a bit skeptical, but I was waiting to see what exactly Bethesda would be giving the consumer. When the details were revealed and the price was unveiled at 60 USD, I, like many others, could only laugh.

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Do “Real Gamers” Care About VR?

It all started a few weeks ago when I was at one of my two local GameStops. I had been there looking to pick up DOOM and the Ratchet & Clank remake for the PS4 and my experience up until then was great. I was checking the different toys they had, chatting with the employees about games they were playing, and browsing the PlayStation 4 games that they had in stock. Eventually, when I got the counter, the conversation got to virtual reality and PSVR. That’s when the manager got a disgusted look on his face and said to me, “real gamers don’t care about VR.”
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Is Overwatch “Fixing” Console Players?

Many of us who play video games on a consistent basis have been verbally berated by a twelve-year-old while playing our favorite first person shooter game. This is something that comes with the territory of online gaming and seems even more present when playing on a console. Teams scream racist, bigoted, and offensive phrases at each other, as players race to get the most kills on their team, even when playing an objective-based game mode, like capture the flag. Is this something that comes with the territory of playing on an Xbox or PlayStation? Is there something inherently wrong with us “console peasants”? Blizzard’s Overwatch has the potential to help change that mindset.
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EA Should Stop Doing E3 Live Conferences

For the gaming community, E3 is a great time of the year. New games are announced, games that we are waiting for are showed off, and leaks tell us things before the companies have a chance to on stage. One of the major companies that gives an E3 live presentation is EA and to say it nicely, their presentation this year was plain garbage. Simply put, after this year’s conference EA should withdraw from doing E3 presentations in the future.
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